A shoot with my muse

One of my long standing models is Araneae. On Sunday we made plans do take a chance on the British Summer weather and shoot some outdoor nudes. Well, the weather was kinda good to us! In between several torrential rain storms we managed to fire off a few shots. The first was around the fishing lake at Spade Oak, the second in the fields at Flackwell heath just as the sun came out again. Enjoy ….

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Feeling refreshed

It’s so easy to be pessimistic about many things.. like the state of the world. the economy and of course the future of the human species.. yet there’s one area where many of us, myself included have a relative healthy sense of optimism. We somewhat blindly believe that out there in the big wide world full of billions of people, that we will one day find that very special kinkster / muse that we re-ignite your passion and desire for photography.

Over the last couple of weeks I decided to dust off my Canon EOS5DS and start shooting again. After a six month sabbatical I must say I really enjoyed myself. First shoot was with my awesome friend who models under the name of @underxyourxskin . Last time I shot with her was in 2010! Wow she has matured into a beautiful, confident you lady…..


What fantastic news to wake up to today:

We are delighted to add Mark Page’s name to the pantheon of talented artisans which comprises previous winners of this award. Mark has been a stalwart supporter and long-term contributor of JADE since we began and has always gone above and beyond what one could expect of any contributor. But the presentation of this award is also to recognise not only his ability and body of work, but his sheer determination to pursue his work and to explore new themes. Mark has impressed us over the years, and continues to do so, with his ability to produce stunning first-class images; developing a style, making it a success and then moving on to a new style; constantly experimenting and evolving. His hard work and dedication stands testament to what can be achieved with the right skills and aptitude, and with creative flair.

Almost but not quite…


We are delighted to make this award to one of JADE’s most supportive and active contributors. Photographer Mark Page (Photoswithattitude) has worked long and hard to establish a body of work which is not only the envy of many, but which continues to push at the boundaries of erotic art. Innovative, original and always visually beguiling, Mark has carved a niche for himself and his unique style within the erotic genre. From colour to black-and-white, Mark is able to find just the right amount of seductive sensuality with which to entice and seduce the viewers of his work. Featuring his work in the magazine is always both a privilege and a delight.I’m not really here to collect friends, only people who are interested in working with me, or have galleries of their own work to look at for inspiration.