What can I expect when shooting with PWA?

What can I expect when shooting with PWA?

11223495_490280051153865_8588011171477345220_o90% of my work is shot on a Content Share basis. Content Share describes an arrangement between you the model and me as the photographer, whereby I agree to shoot an agreed number of photographs of you on the day and provide you with a limited license to use the best photos. I reserve the right to select those which I consider are the best photos from the shoot, but will also allow you to choose up to x10 images of your own choice. You will be sent a Dropbox link to ALL photos taken on the day to choose from.

In exchange for the x10 photos, you agree to provide your time free of charge. Likewise, I will not charge you for my time, studio hire or any props purchased for the shoot.  So why shoot content share?  This arrangement works very well for both of us. For me it allows me to develop new lighting techniques, equipment or styles and allows me to build content for my portfolio or websites. For you it will provide you with high quality professional images for your own portfolio where you may normally be unable to afford the usual photography rates.

The type of modelling that you are willing to do should be clearly understood before the shoot starts. Such as, will you be fully clothed or will there be a degree of nudity. You must make it clear beforehand what you are level you are prepared to do. There is a link to my modelling terms here. I will also make it very clear to you before the shoot what I expect from you too. I will NEVER push you past what you have agreed to do, and you should never feel pressured to go to a level that you are uncomfortable with.  I will always show you photos on the day and if there are any you do not like they will be deleted immediately. I reserve the right to use any remaining pictures and legally own copyright to all photos taken on the day.

My agreement with you is that we can both use any of the edited photos (either your selection or mine) for any purpose including submission to any commercial publications including websites or printed publications.  You are not permitted to use unedited photos or to alter or edit any of the photos yourself.

I reserve the right to charge you compensation if at any future period you change your mind and ask for photos to be removed from the net. My standard charge will be £50 per image removed. Alternatively I will sell you exclusive rights to all photos taken on the shoot for £350. In this scenario I will remove all posted images from the internet then burn all images from the shoot onto DVD and post them to you.  All traces of the images will then be deleted from my hard drive and not used again.

If you have any further questions please drop me a message. The link is here: CONTACT ME 

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