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Photoswithattitude is one of the UK’s most sought after Fetish|Erotic|Alternative photographers.

I specialise in working with first time or amateur models, but equally at home working with professional models, escorts, or kinksters in general. I have access to a small studio at home, a fully fitted fetish dungeon at weekends or I have a fully portable studio set up so I can come to you.


We are delighted to make this award to one of JADE’s most supportive and active contributors. Photographer Mark Page (Photoswithattitude) has worked long and hard to establish a body of work which is not only the envy of many, but which continues to push at the boundaries of erotic art. Innovative, original and always visually beguiling, Mark has carved a niche for himself and his unique style within the erotic genre. From colour to black-and-white, Mark is able to find just the right amount of seductive sensuality with which to entice and seduce the viewers of his work. Featuring his work in the magazine is always both a privilege and a delight.I’m not really here to collect friends, only people who are interested in working with me, or have galleries of their own work to look at for inspiration.

If you fancy collaborating with me please send a message so we can discuss ideas. Confidentiality can be assured, or if desired, by publishing on my own websites you will gain maximum exposure!